I started a group on Facebook on April 20, 2012 (Xena Fan Fic Chat/XFFC) as a place to discuss and review Xena: Warrior Princess female/female fan fiction.
The stories may include heavy subtext and/or explicit sexual content between adult women. If that doesn’t interest you, this isn’t the place for you.
This is a place for people over the age of 18. There are Adult themed stories and pictures shared.

The work on this page will fall into one or more of the following categories:

Alternative (Alt)

Stories that follow the canon of the show except Xena and Gabrielle are definitely lovers.


Stories in which Xena OR Gabrielle is a Conqueror.


Stories that the characters are patterned after Xena or Gabrielle. They are the creation of the author who uses XWP as an inspiration.

Melinda & Janice (M/J)

Stories that use these two characters, who are originally from “The Xena Scrolls” episode, in the plot.

You are free to post links to your favorite fan fic pages, including your own.

If you can, in your post please include the name of the work, the name or pen name of the author, the category or categories it falls under, and a link to the story.

Don’t use this space ONLY to advertise your own group. Participate in the discussions and share a link if and when appropriate.
If you think some other page/site would be of interest to members I ask that you PM me and I will most likely post the link, especially if it pertains to Xena in some way or I will tell you to go ahead and post it.
The same goes for fundraisers. We will always support Xenites that need it, but send me a PM first.
Finally, there will be positive AND negative posts concerning any work posted. Please be prepared for this.
ANY posts that are derogatory or personally attack anyone will be removed. This is a place of discussion. Say what you need or want to in a polite respectful manner and there won’t be a problem. If this type of behavior is repetitive, the user will be blocked from the group.
Please direct any questions or concerns via the contact form.