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Welcome to Jay’s Xena Master Fan Fic List (MFFL) site. If you came here from the link in the Xena: Warrior Princess 25th Anniversary book “Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World” which was published by AUSXIP Publishing. You can download Jay’s Xena Master Fan Fic List mentioned in Chapter 21: A Passion for Xena Fan Fiction.

I started a group on Facebook on April 20, 2012 called Xena Fan Fic Chat/XFFC Group as a place to discuss and review Xena: Warrior Princess female/female fan fiction. The stories may include heavy subtext and/or explicit sexual content between adult women.

WHAT’S NEW – December 7, 2021

The MFFL is up to 5,326 links!

I have highlighted in yellow the stories that I enjoyed enough to read more than once, as a sort of guide as to what I might suggest to others. Please remember, it is a diverse group of stories. There are some X & G, some Mel & Janice, some Conqueror, some Uber. Be sure to check the Disclaimers or PM me if you have questions.

I have added a tab titled ‘Published Fan Fic’. I will add to it as I remember or find them. 

I have added a tab titled ‘Websites’ where you can find fanfic from multiple fandoms. I am always looking for Xena ones to add, so feel free to PM me with suggestions.

There is now a ‘READ’ column so you can mark it when you have read a story.

I have added a ‘Summary’ column and started to add a short one for each story as I remember or find them. This part will take a while, LOL. If you have a short summary you would like me to add to a story just PM it to me.

If you set the “Zoom” in the lower right-hand corner of the document to 50%, you will be able to see the whole width of the page relatively easily. You will have to change that on each tab and then “Save” it…then you won’t have to do it every time you open the file. If you want/need this file in another format, PM me and I will try to help you out!



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